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Sports are managed through experts in corporation with famous academies in Egypt and abroad including Scouting starting at G1.

Eco friendly and healthy school building in painted with anti bacteria, anti insects and rodents materials (Magnesium boards). WKS...

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WKP offers a long lesson plan for teaching colors and texture.


Students in grades K-6 learn and play through safe and nurturing environment.


At World Knowledge Winter Camp, students enjoy educational social program.

Our Activities

The school adopts teaching the basics of computer and IT systems with additional software according to the

These activities help the student to present the scientific and historical researches and the environmental

School journeys vary between research and reporting educational journeys These journeys are embarked by the

There are two sessions for the sports activities per week for the three stages This includes the PE and Sch

These are the activities that include the parties (parties of social and national events and graduation par


To teach the arts of drawing, sculpture, formation, music, taste, appreciation, handworks and photography.

In belief of the role of Quality Education in raising perfect personalities and modern society and hoping of regaining our advanced position among nations, we started in the construction of a remarkable educational institution starting with our first educational project; World Knowledge School, Egypt, in October City.

The idea of constructing this school started few years ago among the discussions of a group of great Egyptian investors who have big investments in the Gulf area and Egypt. They decided to start investment in Egypt in the field of education, sports and social all with...

Al Bashair District, 6 October City, Giza, Egypt.